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Art Class

Infusing Fun & Practicality in Learning

FMKiDS Montessori believes the most effective way to acquire knowledge is when the students enjoy the learning process. Our teaching approach is a combination of an academic and non-academic aspects of learning. We focus on ensuring your children understand the lessons while having fun learning them. 

Nurturing Your Child to be All-rounder

As Muslims, we strive to create a balance between worldly achievements and the hereafter. FMKiDS Montessori aims to cultivate your children's spiritual and intellectual knowledge in our learning syllabus.

Breaking the Boundary with Languages

FMKiDS Montessori strives to ensure our students reach their potential. Through language class, your children are given the opportunity to explore the world and find their own niche. 

Trusting Your Child with Our Dedicated Teachers

FMKiDS Montessori's teachers are professionally trained to use the standardized teaching methods and ensure your children meet the learning outcomes. 



7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

8-9 years old


  • Wangsa Maju,

         Kuala Lumpur


2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

10-11 years old

Subjects offered

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Tilawah Al-Quran & Fardhu Ain

Al-Quran Recitation & Fardhu Ain Kids Class aligns with KAFA syllabus by JAKIM & JAIP

English Language

English Kids Class aligns with Cambridge Assessment English syllabus

Arabic Language

Arabic Kids Class aligns with KAFA syllabus by JAKIM & JAIP

Mandarin Language

Mandarin Kids Class aligns with Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and Youth Chinese Test (YCT) syllabus

Why choose FMKids?

Fun & Interactive Learning Environment

We incorporate games and activities in class session to ensure your child enjoy the learning process.

One-Stop Children Enrichment Centre 

We act as childcare centre at Kuantan and the best place for your kids to gain knowledge while you are at work.

Dedicated & Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are professionally trained with international certified syllabus to provide guidance to your child in learning.

Meals Provided Daily

Your child will be recharged with nutritious light meals & drinks in between classes




Fasih Mandarin

Fasih Mandarin HQ

A-51, Jalan Tun Ismail 1,

Kuantan Perdana, 25000,

Kuantan Pahang

Tel: 09-513 5630