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About Fasih Mandarin


We do what we do because we care. We understand the importance of Mandarin language in this competitive world. As the world becomes more globalized, the demand for Mandarin speakers increases. Mandarin, is a language that is widely used all over the world, and this will give advantages to those who managed to master this language. With that, it is our pleasure to assist you in mastering this important language that will benefit you in the long run. Let's Fasih Mandarin with us, we make Mandarin fun for you!

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To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

In Fasih Mandarin, our goal is to help people to master the Mandarin language with the easiest and most effective method.


Our module is designed in-house for non-native speakers and the syllabus is aligned with International Certification Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).

Fasih Mandarin HQ Office
Vision & Mission


To become the biggest Mandarin Learning Center in SEA owned by Malaysian Local Entrepreneur and to be recognized by Han Ban as the No.1  International Professional Business Mandarin Interpreter globally inlined with expanding demand for a business opportunities with China


Producing the easiest and most effective method of learning & teaching Mandarin in South East Asia. At the same time, working together with all qualified Mandarin teachers around South East Asia to form a solid team in achieving our vision.

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Media Coverage

Fasih Mandarin MHI TV3
Fasih Mandarin TheStar Kosmo
Fasih Mandarin Media
Fasih Mandarin BFM Radio
Fasih Mandarin Parenthood
Fasih Mandarin Era FM

Registered & Recognized by

Fasih Mandarin registered with Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia
Fasih Mandarin registered with MOF
Fasih Mandarin is HRDCorp Registered Training Provider
Fasih Mandarin Recognized by Beibu Gulf University

Courses Endorsement by

Fasih Mandarin course is endorse by UMCCed
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