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Grow and Boost Your Business with Learning Mandarin

Fasih Mandarin collaborated with Universiti Malaya (UMCCed), the leading institution of higher learning in Malaysia to bring you this special curated course. And the best part you will get a certificate from Universiti Malaya (UMCCed) which is a valuable credential that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Fasih Mandarin Mandarin for Workplace with UMCCeD


Course Code: AW1, AVW1

Fasih Mandarin Mandarin for Business with UMCCeD


Course Code: AB1, AVB1

Course Topic

  • Pinyin and the Mandarin pronunciation

  • Greetings and self-introduction

  • Age and numbers

  • Communicate about time and daily routine

  • Days and date

  • Family members and occupations

  • Ordering food and money transaction

  • Places and direction

  • This is my business card (Business)

  • Congratulations on your success (Business)

  • I work at this company (Workplace)

  • Doctor's appointments and apply for sick leave (Workplace)

Learning Outcome

  • Able to identify 4 important tones in Mandarin

  • Able to use both formal and informal greetings in Mandarin at work

  • Able to identify the number heard and pronounced

  • Able to describe common daily routines in Mandarin.

  • Able to set an appointment or meeting with the correct time and date

  • Able to ask and tell the common occupations and the workplaces.

  • Able to do sell-and-buy transactions in Mandarin.

  • Able to tell and ask for directions to the destination

  • Speak Mandarin confidently in various business scenarios (Business)

  • Negotiate and secure business deals effectively (Business)

  • Build stronger relationships with Mandarin-speaking clients (Workplace)

  • Expand your network, career opportunities, and job market (Workplace)

Fasih Mandarin UM Sample Certificate
Fasih Mandarin UM Sample Certificate


Certificate upon completion

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