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  • What is FMKids?
    FMKids is a daycare centre for Parents to place their children in good hands before or after school. This is a perfect place for kids to learn KAFA subjects and also additional language skills, which is Mandarin and Arabic. All KAFA and Mandarin teachers are our in-house teachers that have gone through extensive training on how to teach and care for children, complimented by excellent facilities that provide fun and safe space for children. FMKids is the perfect place for children to gain valuable life skills, form friendships, and develop Islamic values. FMKids, powered by Fasih Mandarin Language Institute, specialize in teaching Mandarin to non-native learners with our in-house curriculum aligned with the International Mandarin syllabus, HSK. Recognized by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and BeiBu Gulf University China, our experienced team has been teaching Mandarin to students of all ages for years.
  • Where is FMKids located?
    FMKids is located at Wangsa Maju, you can waze "Fasih Mandarin Wangsa Maju" to visit our center or click here to get direction.
  • What subjects does FMKids offer?
    FMKids offers Mandarin language, Arabic language, Tilawah Al-Quran & Fardhu Ain (KAFA).
  • Can I choose the subjects for FMKids?
    We do allow parents to choose KAFA only subjects (include Arabic language), please contact our Education Counselor for more details
  • What syllabus does FMKids use?
    FMKids ensure our subjects are aligned with local and internationally-recognized syllabus. Mandarin language subject is aligned with International Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)'s syllabus while Arabic language, Tilawah Al-Quran & Fardhu Ain subjects are aligned with KAFA syllabus by JAKIM.
  • When does FMKids' academic calendar begin?
    We follow Takwim Persekolahan by Ministry of Education Malaysia and we do offer school holiday program during the school holiday season.
  • What time does FMKids start and end?
    Morning session begins at 7.30 am and ends at 12 pm while Evening session begins at 1.30 pm and ends at 6 pm. During Ramadan, we reduced the duration to allow necessary preparation for iftar. Morning session begins at 7.30 am and ends at 11.30 am while Evening session begins at 1 pm and ends at 5 pm.
  • Does FMKids offer transportation service?
    It is currently unavailable, however, we will provide the service if there is huge demands from parents.
  • Can I know about the program fee?
    FMKids daycare offer cheap and affordable packages for your children, you may contact our Education Counselor to find out more details.
  • If I enroll my child late, will the fees reduced?
    The fee for monthly payment plan remains the same, however, FMKids will make necessary adjustment on the annual fee
  • What is the maximum number of students per class?
    We set the maximum students in one class to be 15 to ensure all students are being paid attention to and able to learn in comfortable setting.
  • Can my 7 years old child join FMKids?
    Yes, FMKids opens to children aged 5 to 11 years old.
  • Do you accept 6 years old children?
    Yes, FMKids are open for kids aged from 5 to 11 years old.
  • What if I send or pick-up my child late?
    There is no issue with sending your child late as long as you inform us in the WhatsApp group. Parents are required to pick-up the children by 6 pm or 5.30 pm (during Ramadan) the latest. This arrangement is to ensure the safety of your children and our teachers because FMKids center will close sharp at 6 pm or 5.30 (during Ramadan).
  • What happens if I pick-up my child late?
    Parents are required to notify in the WhatsApp Group if there is possibility of late pick-up. FMKids does impose a late pick-up charge after the 30 minutes of grace period.
  • Does FMKids provide meals?
    We do offer meals subscription plan as add-ons which mean parents can choose to subscribe if needed. FMKids will provide snacks and lunch via the subscription. We curated our students' meals plan to ensure it is nutritious and well-balanced.
  • What if my child has allergies to certain ingredient?
    Upon registration, parents are required to fill-in health declaration form which you may list down any allergies or health concern of your child. FMKids will take note of the listed items and ensure your child is protected throughout their time with FMKids.
  • Is there any free trial session for FMKids?
    Yes, your child can join 3-days trial for FREE anytime. Please contact our Education Counselor to choose your preferred date!
  • What are the facilities available at FMKids?
    FMKids setup a conducive and well-equipped facilities for our students' comfort such as: 24-hours CCTV camera Free Wi-fi Male & female changing and bathroom Air-conditioned and advanced technology classrooms Regular cleaning service Spacious eating area Multipurpose hall Comfortable prayer area for Solat Jemaah Reading corner Eco-green corner Students' lockers Filtered water dispenser You are welcomed to visit FMKids for a free tour around our facilities, contact our Education Counselor to schedule an appointment or walk-in anytime during our working hours.
  • Can I visit FMKids to see the facilities?
    You are welcomed to walk-in or schedule an appointment with our Education Counselor to tour around our facilities.
  • How to register my children to FMKids?
    Please contact our Education Counselor to find out the package details and payment plans available.
  • Who are Fasih Mandarin's trainers? 
    Fasih Mandarin's trainers are non-native fluent Mandarin speakers who mastered the language from zero basic. Our trainers are either graduates from Bachelor's Degree in Mandarin or achieved highest level of qualification in international Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK6). They have been professionally trained to teach according to our standard teaching methods.
  • Does Fasih Mandarin use its own course module?
    Fasih Mandarin created all the course module in-house and it is specially designed for non-native learners. Our trainers incorporated their own tips and experience to overcome the common struggles of learning Mandarin from zero basic. At the same time, we ensure our module content is aligned with Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) syllabus.
  • Is the Mandarin course by Fasih Mandarin internationally certified?
    Yes, Fasih Mandarin is a verified HSK Exam Centre in Malaysia under HAN Culture Centre. We provide free consultation to individuals who are interested to sit for any level of HSK. Please contact our Education Counselor to inquire further information about the registration process for HSK.
  • Does Fasih Mandarin offer Kids Mandarin Course?
    Fasih Mandarin does offer Kids Mandarin class for children as young as 4 years old. We offer various type of package for Kids course, from Beginner to Advanced. Get in touch with our Education Counselors to inquire more details about our course package.
  • Is there online Mandarin course available? Is it effective?
    We provide both Online and Physical Mandarin class. Ever since Pandemic, Fasih Mandarin has converted our Mandarin course module to online platform, ZOOM. We incorporate online tools such as quiz and games to ensure there are still two-way communications with our participants. As a results, we observed that participants are able to achieve the same learning outcomes with Physical Mandarin class.
  • Can Fasih Mandarin provide customization course to suite certain industry and field?
    Mandarin course customization is available for Mandarin Corporate Training. Fasih Mandarin will design the course content according to the organization's objective on the Mandarin Corporate training while still ensuring it is aligned with Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) syllabus. We will match the learning topics to your business nature and equip your employees with the required skills.
  • Is there any trial Mandarin class?
    Yes, we do have trial Mandarin class for kids and adults. Contact our Education Counsellor to find out how to join our Mandarin class for free!
  • How much is the fee to learn Mandarin?
    We have various package for our Mandarin class, we guarantee that our Mandarin class is cheap and affordable for anyone. Do contact our Education Counsellor to find more details about the classes.
  • Is there any scholarship to join Fasih Mandarin course?
    As part of our giveback initiative, we have launched FM Scholarship which targeting B40 Group in Malaysia. Via FM Scholarship, you can join our Mandarin course at a cheaper price. Hopefully with this FM Scholarship, Fasih Mandarin is able to support as much as we can in terms of upskilling the nation. You may find further details about our scholarship and application process under the "Scholarship" section
  • Do you have any special promotion for Mandarin course?
    Yes, we do! Currently, we are having an RM200 rebate off for our HSK Beginner (SMART) Online course. To register or for more details contact our Education Counselor.

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