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Boost Your Company Business with Fasih Mandarin’s Corporate Training

Fasih Mandarin Corporate Training_Kursus Korporat Fasih Mandarin

Imagine this scenario: You are in a meeting with a potential Chinese client, partner or investor. You want to impress them with your business proposal, but you don’t speak Mandarin. You rely on a translator or an app, but you feel like something is lost in translation. You can’t express your ideas clearly, you can’t understand their feedback properly, and you can’t build trust and rapport with them. You end up losing the deal, and you wonder what went wrong.

Now imagine this scenario: You are in a meeting with a potential Chinese client, partner or investor. You speak Mandarin fluently and confidently, thanks to Fasih Mandarin’s class. You can communicate your ideas effectively, you can understand their feedback accurately, and you can build trust and rapport with them. You end up closing the deal, and you celebrate your success.

Which scenario would you prefer? If you want to speak Mandarin like a boss and grow your company business, then you need Fasih Mandarin’s corporate training. Fasih Mandarin is the leading certified language center in Malaysia that offers corporate training for businesses and organizations that want to learn Mandarin for their specific needs and goals.

Fasih Mandarin was founded in 2018 and has become the largest licensed Mandarin language institute in Malaysia, with over 8000+ students registered and a passing rate of 100% . Fasih Mandarin is well-recognized by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and China BeiBu Gulf University as a certified Mandarin learning institute. Fasih Mandarin's courses are also endorsed by Universiti Malaya (UMCCED) as the standard module to learn Mandarin.

Fasih Mandarin Corporate Training with Estee Lauder Malaysia

Fasih Mandarin’s corporate training is a unique and flexible solution that allows you to learn Mandarin at your own pace, level and style. It is customizable which means you can choose the topics, themes, materials and activities that are relevant and useful for your business communication. You can also decide the schedule, frequency and duration of the training according to your availability and budget. Fasih Mandarin always aim to create a win-win situation for our clients.

Fasih Mandarin’s classes are conducted by highly-qualified and well-experienced trainers who have achieved the highest level of proficiency in Mandarin via HSK or graduates from university in China. We will teach you the essential vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and cultural nuances that are required for your business nature. Our trainers will also provide the participants with personalized instruction, feedback and support to help them overcome the challenges and mistakes while mastering Mandarin.

Fasih Mandarin’s corporate training can be delivered online or at the company's facilities, depending on the client's preference and convenience. We will also provide the client with certificates of achievement and participants' performance reports for the company's management to track the employees' learning outcomes.

By working with Fasih Mandarin to conduct the corporate training, the company's employees will be able to:

  • Master Mandarin for specific needs and objectives that will boost the business;

  • Learn Mandarin in a way that suits the company's preferences and styles;

  • Learn Mandarin from authentic and relevant content that reflects the business interests and goals;

  • Learn Mandarin from experienced and certified trainers who will guide the employees along the learning journey.

Fasih Mandarin has conducted numerous corporate training for government and private sector organization such as Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security of Malaysia (MAFS), Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, Estee Lauder Malaysia, Iskandar Investment Berhad, Sugar Bomb and many more. Don’t let language barriers stop you from achieving your company's business goals. Contact us today to find out more about our corporate training and how we can help you fasih Mandarin!



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