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DE:FINE Biz Recognizes Fasih Mandarin's Scholarship for Promoting Employment Opportunities to B40

We're thrilled to share that our scholarship program at Fasih Mandarin has been recognized by DE:FINE Biz for promoting better employment opportunities for B40 in Malaysia. We're grateful for the recognition and appreciate DE:FINE Biz for highlighting our efforts.

The FM Scholarship program offers course fee waivers of up to 60% for our Mandarin classes, making it easier for B40 individuals to access high-quality language education. Our goal is to provide equal education opportunities to all Malaysians, and we believe that our scholarship program is an excellent way to achieve that.

We encourage you to check out the featured article by DE:FINE Biz to learn more about our scholarship program and its impact on B40 individuals in Malaysia. Join us in our mission to promote equal education opportunities and improve employment prospects for all Malaysians.

We're thrilled to announce that the final intake for FM Scholarship 2022 is now open! If you're interested in learning Mandarin and want to improve your employment prospects, our scholarship program is the perfect opportunity for you. Apply now and receive up to 60% course fee waiver. Act fast, as this is your final chance to apply for FM Scholarship 2022.


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