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Estee Lauder Malaysia Now Has Mandarin-Speaking Beauty Advisors, Trained by Fasih Mandarin

Fasih Mandarin Beginner Mandarin for Beauty Industry Corporate Training with Estee Lauder Malaysia

Are you a Mandarin speaker who loves makeup and skincare? If so, you'll be happy to know that Estee Lauder Malaysia now has Mandarin-speaking beauty advisors in Kuala Lumpur!

This means that you can now get the best possible advice on Estee Lauder products from a beauty advisor who can communicate with you in your own language. No more awkward translations or misunderstandings!

The Mandarin-speaking beauty advisors at Estee Lauder Malaysia have been trained by Fasih Mandarin, a leading Mandarin language institute in Malaysia. This team of Beauty Advisor is experts in all things Estee Lauder, and they can help you find the perfect products for your skin and your needs.

In addition to providing excellent customer service, the Mandarin-speaking beauty advisors at Estee Lauder Malaysia are also a great point of reference to see how effective Fasih Mandarin class is. If you're interested in learning Mandarin with us, they can share their personal experience and advice on how to get started.

So whether you're looking for a new makeup look or you're just interested to witness the results from Fasih Mandarin's teaching, be sure to visit the nearest Estee Lauder Malaysia outlet and speak with one of their Mandarin-speaking beauty advisors today!

Contact us for free Mandarin trial class today:



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