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Fasih Mandarin Joins Forces with IDRISSI International School to Create Boundless Opportunities

September 29, 2022 marks a momentous occasion as two esteemed organizations join forces, ushering in a new era of collaboration. The MoU was signed by CEO of GAIN Education, Mdm Julie Wong and Managing Director of Fasih Mandarin, Mr Shah Farid Rashid. This partnership between IDRISSI International School @ EduCity and Fasih Mandarin promises boundless opportunities for growth and development.

At the heart of this collaboration is our unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge and experience, and upholding the values of community and curiosity to transform lives positively. Our partnership is founded on mutual trust and respect, and we are excited about the potential it holds for both parties.

We are confident that this collaboration will prove to be a game-changer, opening doors for IDRISSI International School @ EduCity students from around the world to realize their full potential. Insha'Allah, this partnership will lead to new heights of success and achievement for all involved.


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