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It's Official, Fasih Mandarin Is A Registered HSK Test Center In Malaysia

Good news! Fasih Mandarin is officially an HSK Test Centre in Malaysia. You can now register for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and Chinese Proficiency Speaking Test (HSKK) with us!

HSK is an internationally recognized certification to evaluate our Mandarin skills and it can be used as the main supporting document to verify our Mandarin proficiency, especially during job application or interview. You may browse our International Certification section to find out more details about this examination.

Fasih Mandarin is offering Free HSK prep session to all test takers who sit for HSK with us and Fasih Mandarin students are eligible to receive free consultation with our Education Counselor about HSK. We will share more tips and information about HSK in our blog section so stay tuned!


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