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Fasih Mandarin's Radio Interview at LITE (Malaysia) on Social Media Strategies for Business

Fasih Mandarin, a leading Mandarin language learning center in Malaysia, recently had the privilege of being invited by LITE Malaysia to speak about the importance of social media in business. The guest speaker at this event was none other than Shah Farid Mat Rashid, the Managing Director of Fasih Mandarin. During the radio interview session with LITE Malaysia, Shah Farid shared some valuable insights into how Fasih Mandarin has effectively utilized the digital platform to reach out to a wider audience, particularly in Malaysia.

In addition to discussing the benefits of social media in business, the interview also provided an opportunity for Fasih Mandarin to showcase what sets them apart from the rest in terms of teaching Mandarin in Malaysia. The session was a whole new experience for Fasih Mandarin as it was the first time they had the opportunity to speak to a live audience through radio broadcasting.

The team at Fasih Mandarin is extremely grateful to LITE Malaysia and LITE's Content Producer, Soraya Kee for extending the invitation to be part of this event. They are looking forward to participating in more interviews in the future and sharing their knowledge and expertise on Mandarin language learning with a wider audience. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from Fasih Mandarin.


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