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Fasih Mandarin x Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad MoU Signing

Fasih Mandarin has officially joined the collaboration between various Malaysian industry players and Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp), together we will thrive towards the same goals through TalentCorp: Young Employable Students (YES!) Program.
Mr. Shah Farid (Managing Director of Fasih Mandarin) and Mr. Zaqki Zamanee (Finance & Operations Director of Fasih Mandarin) were invited to the YES! MoU Document Exchange & Iftar Dinner at Connexion Conference & Event Center Kuala Lumpur on 4 May 2021. Mr. Thomas Mathew, Chief Executive Officer of TalentCorp has officiated the YES! MoU Document Exchange event. Mr. Nazrul Aziz, Head of Graduate & Emerging Talent (GET) and Industry Partnerships (IP) has walked us through TalentCorp's journey since 2011.
Fasih Mandarin appreciates the opportunity given and is committed to working closely with all YES! collaborators and TalentCorp in increasing Malaysian students' employability and supporting them to become competitive graduates.

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