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FM 2023 Town Hall: Reaffirming Ambitions and Dreams!

I would say that this town hall was an invigorating experience, with many announcements made, which was sure to bring cheer and elation amongst Fasih Mandarin Language Institute team members. The whole point of the town hall is to bring us all together and make sure we're staying positive and cherishing each other as teammates.

It can be tough to casually talk about such things in a big group as the word "town hall" itself might sound a bit serious to some since it involves everyone in the company. But this time, changed the perspective to make everyone think of it like we're chatting face-to-face about what's been going on and our plans for the future. That way, everyone understands where we're heading next as a company.

Moreover, this town hall serves as a reminder for everyone about their ambitions and reinforces the shared dream we have adopted together! It ensures that we still share the same goals; ultimately, every team member completely comprehends them so we can strive towards achieving the goals collectively!

I would love for everyone in the FM Team to move as one so that whenever we are happy, proud or satisfied with every little milestone we achieve, each member of the team would be able to feel the same way! I also reminded everyone that being able to have full-time work in a company is not a dream, but the real dream is what we want to achieve in our careers!

Working with everyone in the team in 2022 and accomplishing countless goals, including those unexpected successes, has been an absolute privilege. I am even more excited about everything that's yet to come this year! - SF



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