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5 Benefits of Learning Mandarin

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Have you thought of picking up a new language but are hesitating on where to start? What about learning the second most spoken language in the world, Mandarin? As Mandarin has over 1.12 billion speakers worldwide, there is no doubt that you will have more benefits personally and in career ladders. Here are some of the benefits of learning Mandarin.

1. Open More Opportunities For Oneself

As we are aware, being multilingual has its perks, especially in today's settings. You can increase your chance of applying to a multinational company especially if they deal with companies in China. Besides, there are a lot of jobs that require a Mandarin speaker nowadays in Malaysia. Therefore, you can venture into various career paths according to your interests and increase your chance of getting a job! You could also do translating or tutoring as a freelance for side income!

2. Build New Relationships

Learning a new language is a great way to make new friends. With over 1.12 billion speakers worldwide, you can find someone to practice Mandarin and connect on a deeper level with them. Of course, if you connect with someone that had mastered the language, you can adapt and practice the language naturally when conversing with each other. Friendships also can be built regardless of age. Some elderlies that have lived for a very long time do not speak English, talking to them can let you learn from their experiences and understand the Chinese culture on a deeper level.

3. Have A Better Understanding Of Chinese Culture

As we know, China is a large country that has more than 3600 years of written cultural history. All the different ethnicities, practices, and arts during different dynasties in China are unique to each of them. The same goes for the language, it has evolved from ancient apprehension for the language. With the upcoming Chinese New Year, you will be able to engage and mingle around your Chinese friends better, now that you have deeper insight about their culture.

4. Travelling Made Easier

If you love traveling, learning Mandarin will be great for you! Besides China, many more countries use Mandarin such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Bargaining a lower price for souvenirs you want to bring home for your families too will be a piece of cake!

5. It Stimulates Your Brain

Given over 50,000 Chinese characters altogether with different strokes; up, down, left, and right, it will challenge your brain to remember the strokes and sounds for each character. Of course, you don't have to memorize all 50,000 of them but since it is different from English or Malay, our brain would be stimulated in the process of learning. In addition, different accents too will lead you to think outside of the box. 

These are just a short list of the benefits of learning Mandarin. What you have read is only the tip of the iceberg. And if you thought it was too late to pick up the language, it's not! Contact our Education Counsellors now at Fasih Mandarin to get a kickstart on your Mandarin journey. We promise that it will be worth it.


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