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How To Make Good Use of HSK International Certification?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or known as Chinese Proficiency Test. It is the international examination by China Exam Board for all of us to assess our Mandarin skills and the certificate is recognized globally, by any companies.

Let's say you have passed HSK and received this international certification for your Mandarin skills, what's next? No matter if you are a student, entrepreneurs, university graduates, job seekers or office workers, here's how you can benefit from your HSK certificate that you worked hard to get.

#1 - Solid Proof of Your Mandarin

HSK will inevitably boost your qualification and personal branding, making you stand out from the rest, especially during job interview. This piece of globally recognized certificate supports your claim that "I can speak Mandarin". Can you imagine how many companies you can apply just because you have ticked the box "Mandarin Speaker" in the job requirement?

#2 - Receive Scholarship Offer from China

HSK is one of the main criteria to study in any China universities, even more so if you want to apply for scholarship and stand a chance to study abroad for free. China government and many universities in China offer various scholarship every year for locals and international student to do Bachelor's Degree program there. Do you know that you can do English-medium Degree Program in China and with scholarship? Yes, there are universities that offer such Degree Program and the admission requirement isn't as hard as studying Mandarin-medium Degree Program.

#3 - Expand Your Business Globally

If the first 2 benefits we shared aren't relevant to you, we are sure this one is. Mandarin-speaking clients are always ecstatic to have business partner who can speak their native language. Learning Mandarin is the first step towards expanding your market, forming key connections and gaining more clients both locals as well as on international level. With this Mandarin skill, we are breaking the very first barrier in establishing solid relationship which is medium of communication.

Fasih Mandarin always encourage our participants to go for HSK examination once they complete their Mandarin course with us. Especially when Fasih Mandarin course is designed to align with HSK syllabus, including our assessment format. We make sure you are prepared to sit for HSK, just in case you have the plan.

To make it easier for our participants, Fasih Mandarin is a registered HSK Center in Malaysia so you can straight away register for HSK with us. We will guide you through the entire process, from A to Z, until you pass the examination.

If you are wondering what you can achieve after each HSK level, you may browse our Course page in the website, we have briefly listed the expected learning outcomes. Contact our Education Counselor to ask away all your questions about HSK and our Mandarin course, it's a free consultation, don't worry!


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