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FMKids School Holiday Program: Fun and Educational Activities for Kids in Kuala Lumpur

Hey Malaysian parents! Are you ready for the school holidays? We know it can be tough to keep your kids entertained and engaged all day long. School holidays are coming up soon, and parents are looking for ways to keep their kids entertained. That’s why we’re excited to introduce FMKids School Holiday Program!

Our 3-day program is packed with fun activities related to Mandarin, Arabic, Fardhu Ain, Pengukuhan Solat & Doa. The children will have a blast while learning about different languages and gain deeper understanding about Islam. They will also have the opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills.

FMKids takes care of everything, so parents can relax and know that their children are in good hands. The program includes nutritious meals, a safe and supervised environment, and affordable pricing. We’re happy to provide FREE meals all day long. You can drop off your kids in the morning and pick them up after work in the evening. No hassle!

Here are some of the benefits of FMKids School Holiday Program:

  • Your child will have fun and learn all day long

  • You can rest assured that your child is in a safe and supervised environment

  • You will save time and money by not having to pack breakfast and lunch

This is our third series of FMKids School Holiday Program, we are pleased to receive positive feedback from the parents who sent their kids to our program, click here to see how the students had fun with us previously.

Contact our Education Counselor to register your child for FMKids School Holiday Program in Kuala Lumpur, we offer special discounts when you register more than one child together. Book early, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child’s spot is secured. FMKids looks forward to seeing you and your child at our School Holiday Program!



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