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The Benefits of Daycare Centre: Why FMKids is the Perfect Daycare for Parents

Updated: May 18, 2023

Daycare centre have grown in favour among Malaysian parents who wish to offer their children with a well-rounded education that goes beyond the regular school environment and are looking for daycare during working hours. The program provides numerous benefits, such as academic help, socializing, and engaging activities that could positively impact the children's life. FMKids Program by Fasih Mandarin is the best choice for Malaysian parents looking for an after-school activity for their kids. This is why:

1. Academic Support

FMKids offers a unique combination of Tilawah Al-Quran & Fardhu Ain (KAFA), Mandarin and Arabic subjects that may not be adequately covered in regular schools. With our professionally-trained teachers and a well-structured curriculum, FMKids provides targeted attention to help the children improve and accomplish better academically. We utilize internationally certified syllabus for each subjects such as JAKIM and Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) to ensure your child receive only the best education with us. We strive to create a balance between worldly achievements and the hereafter by cultivating the children's spiritual and intellectual knowledge via FMKids.

2. Make New Friends

FMKids provides a safe and comfortable setting for children to engage with friends from different backgrounds. The students will get the chance to mingle around children from other schools and age group. This will allow them to acquire important social skills and form new friendships outside of their typical peer group in school. The children's confidence will be boosted and they will develop the ability to communicate well with anyone because they are exposed to social skills early on.

3. Have Fun

FMKids offers a wide variety of activities in class to ensure children enjoy while they learn with us. Our classes gives them the chance to discover their passions, try new things, and take part in engaging activities in a supportive environment. The activity-based learning approach is what draws difference between FMKids Transit Program and the normal school session. While the end goal is to improve the children's academic, FMKids still put much focus on ensuring the learning process is stress-free and enjoyable.

As working parents, we understand that it's vital to choose a suitable childcare arrangement without interrupting the hectic working schedule. FMKids' ideal combination of academic support, socializing, and fun activities, along with its convenience (daily meals plan available), sets it apart from other daycare centre in Malaysia. We are the perfect choice for Malaysian parents looking to nurture the children to be multilingual, intellectual and spiritual.

FMKids is offering 3-days FREE trial for any parents who wish to let the children try out and see if the program suits them. Enrolling your kids in the FMKids Program ensures that they are receiving a high-quality education, socialization, and activities that will help them learn, grow, and achieve in life. Get in touch with our Education Counselor today and find out more details about the free trial session.



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