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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Fasih Mandarin Course Edition

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

You Ask, We Answer! Fasih Mandarin receives lots of inquiry on daily basis and 80% of the it are asking question about our Mandarin course. So, we have gathered a number of frequently asked questions by you and answered them one by one.

Q1: Is there minimum age requirement to join Fasih Mandarin course?

Fasih Mandarin offers variety of Mandarin course which suits wide range of learners. You can learn Mandarin with us from the age of 4 years old up until 72 years old even. Don't worry, we don't mix our students among the kids and adults. Also, we do make exception sometimes if you fall outside of this age range, do reach out to our Education Counselor for free consultation!

Q2: How many participants there are in one class?

To ensure the quality of your learning experience, we have set the maximum capacity of 20 participants in one group of class. So, YAY to 20 potential new friends when you join Fasih Mandarin course!

Q3: If I have learned Mandarin before, can I skip the HSK1 Beginner Mandarin course?

Yes, you can! Fasih Mandarin offers different level of Mandarin course, following international Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) syllabus. If you are unsure which level you are at, we do have pre-course assessment test for you to know which one suits you best. Reach out to our Education Counselor and we will guide you through the process.

Q4: Does Fasih Mandarin provides any certificate once I complete the course?

Of course, Fasih Mandarin has final assessment before the end of each course level and you will be given certificate of achievement once you submit all of them. Our certificate is endorsed by Universiti Malaya Centre of Continuing Education (UMCCed). If you are looking for international certification, Fasih Mandarin is registered as HSK center in Malaysia so we can assist you to sit for HSK examination.

Q5: Does Fasih Mandarin provide online Mandarin course?

Since Pandemic, Fasih Mandarin has started to offer both physical and online learning mode for all our Mandarin courses. If you find the list of physical class location here and you can join our online class wherever you are as long as you have stable internet connection.

Q6: Can I choose the schedule for Fasih Mandarin course?

For group course, Fasih Mandarin has a selection of fixed class schedule for both weekdays and weekend. However, seats are limited hence it depends on the availability. For private course, there is flexibility in choosing your preferred day and time for the class. Our Education Counselor will cross-check with the trainers' availability and arrange the most suitable schedule for both sides.

Q7: Can I join Fasih Mandarin course if I have no basic?

Yes, you are very welcomed! Fasih Mandarin has HSK1 Beginner course which is designed for participants who has never learn Mandarin.

Did we manage to answer your questions? Are you now ready to learn Mandarin? Reach out to our Education Counselor to find out even more details about Fasih Mandarin course.


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